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This series of video portraits of tango artists in Buenos Aires portrays tango as a living tradition. Although in dialogue with its rich history, this vision of tango is forward-facing, contributing to creation of a contemporary world where gender roles are evolving and innovation thrives. 

Each portrait reflects an encounter between me, a North American dancer/filmmaker, and the featured artist(s). Each artist in the series was invited to participate because they resist mainstream tango aesthetics or culture in some way, inspiring me to believe that I too might break free from the narrow confines of tango’s mainstream aesthetic grip. This project celebrates tango as a progressive enterprise, not as preservation of the past, but as a vibrant and vital tool to live in the present and imagine our future.

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Mayumi  (excerpt)

Mayumi (excerpt)

woman in orange dress kicking up sand on beach

The Process

Juliet McMains with camera in hand
Juliet McMains filming in casa palestina
Juliet McMains headshot.jpg

Juliet McMains

Juliet McMains headshot
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