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Yuyú & Renata (2024)

Director: Juliet McMains    

Featuring: Yuyú Herrera & Renata Tagle

Music: Tango Bardo | 4m 1s 

Yuyú & Renata
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This portrait of tango dancers Yuyú Herrera and Renata Tagle and attempts to reconcile tango’s nostalgia with current ideas and practices of gender. We peek in on the dancers through stained glass doorways and ornate metal fences of a grand old house, revealing both its former glory and current state of decay. Built during tango’s Golden Age when Argentina was one of the world’s richest countries, the setting evokes tango’s fundamental character–nostalgia. Although tango melancholy is real, they are not only wallowing in their tears. Just as Argentinians creatively repurpose the dilapidated infrastructure they have inherited, tango dancers redefine the gender binary they have inherited. Dancing to the classic tango “Loca” as played by the contemporary Tango Bardo band, Renata and Yuyú reclaim a classic tango dancing style as one in which both gender roles can be danced by women. 

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