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Kinetic Play (2024)

Director: Juliet McMains    

Featuring: Lisandro Eberle & Milagros Rolandelli

Music: Diego Schissi Quinteto | 5m 31s 

Kinetic Translations
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Two veterans of stage tango jettison the high heels and choreography that are the hallmark of their nightly work in search of a more personal expression of tango. In a stripped-down rehearsal room, dressed in practice clothes and matching sneakers, Milagros Rolandelli and Lisandro Eberle improvise a tango that counters the aesthetics they perform for tourists six nights a week. Instead of overwrought expressions of passion, this exploration infuses the exacting technique and rich vocabulary of stage tango with the subtle, internally-oriented, improvisational values more commonly associated with social tango dancing. In addition, they rupture tango’s strict gender binary by taking turns initiating movements. Set to the music of contemporary Argentinian composer Diego Schissi, this portrait captures an ongoing search by these artists to forge a personal expression of tango that is indifferent to its marketability in the tango tourist industry.

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