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Cracked (2023)

Director: Juliet McMains | Featuring: Scott Boddye | 

Music: Hernan Reinaudo &  Nestor Tomassíni |  3m 29s   

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North American tango dancer Scott Boddye is no different from thousands of other tango tourists who make a temporary home in Buenos Aires, except for one key detail. He is usually the only man at any milonga dancing in high heels. The challenge of forging space for himself within the gendered tango binary often feels as if he’s walking on eggshells. That metaphor is brought to life in this film where Boddye dances in his blue heels through a room strewn with eggs, the metaphor becoming a literal challenge as he struggles to avoid cracking them. The eggs are arranged to reference Anna Maria Maiolino’s Entrevidas, a public performance in which she walked eyes closed and barefoot between eggs to comment on the precarity of her own position as a woman. Although Boddye’s eyes are open and his feet are clad, this work also critiques the constraints of gender. Boddye and the room itself, walls stripped bare to expose its storied history, are in transition from one state to another. In the presence of so many eggs, rebirth is imminent.

Filmed on location at Casa Palestina, Buenos Aires.

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