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¿Quién se robó mi niñez?
(Who stole my childhood?) (2023)

Director: Juliet McMains | Featuring: Sandro Nunziata and Virginia Ravenna

Music: "Tinta Roja" Aníbal Troilo with Francisco Florentino  |  5m 22s  

¿Quién se robó mi niñez?
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“¿Quién se robó mi niñez?” (Who has stolen my childhood?) sings Francisco Florentino in Aníbal Troilo’s iconic tango “Tinta Roja.” The question floats in the air as the ordinary domestic chores of hanging laundry and gardening are transformed into fuel for the quirky improvisations of dancers Sandro Nunziata and Virginia Ravenna. They remind us that we can steal back our own childhood sense of adventure and play at any moment. Although tango performed on stages, in dance studios, or in public dance halls is well-known, this charming portrait of Sandro and Virginia reveals that tango music, lyrics, and dance are also integrated into the very fabric of domestic life for many Argentineans.

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